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Photograph Location

This spruce tree somewhow finds a way to survive in the very heart of the Taylor Monument geological area. It is firmly embedded into the very edge of a large crevice in the volcanic tuff of the area. Located in the heart of the San Juan mountains, this area was formed by a series of large volcanoes that were active some 30 to 40 million years ago. After periods of major eruptions, sporadic pyroclastic eruptions followed that produced the ash and small pebbles know as volcanic tuff. Wind and erosion for millions of years washed away the lighter top covering of tuff and produced the amazing spires and crevices you now see. In the upper background, stands what is left of a major forest of pine and spruce trees that have been killed by pine beetle. How long this single spruce tree will survive, is anyones guess. A panoramic view of this area is available on this site by clicking on this link to the Wheeler Monument panoramic DigiSimPat photographic.

This Digitial Water
Color's DigiSimPat

This is a highly modified print from an original digital photograph. After carefully processing the original digital file to bring out all of it's natural color and beauty, it has been further processed to give it the look of a carefully painted watercolor. What you will see is a breathtaking photograph that will catch anyone's eye as they enter the room. If you would like to discuss this treatment in more detail with me, please

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There are two versions of this photograph, a 20" x 23" Sunset Velvet Rag Unmatted version shown here, and a 20" x 23" Canvas Gallery Wrap version.