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This Wheeler Monument photograph is available as a Canvas Gallery Wrap without DigiSimPat processing. To view and purchase it click on this link which is located on the Dr Pano website.

Photograph Location

Wheeler Monument is located in the Wheeler Geologic area which is south of Creede, CO. Wheeler is accessible by a 7 mile hike or a grueling 14 mile four wheel drive road. Your efforts are rewarded by views of a remarkable geologic formation of moderately coarse volcanic tuff eroded into many different shapes. The trail is extremly rough with deep ruts which are usually filled with water and mud. This 4 x 4 trail in not for the faint of heart. For a close up view of it's spires and crevices, click on this link to view the DigiSimPat photograph Wheeler Spruce.

This Digitial Water
Color's DigiSimPat

This is a highly modified print from an original digital photograph. After carefully processing the original digital file to bring out all of it's natural color and beauty, it has been further processed to give it the look of a carefully painted watercolor. What you will see is a breathtaking photograph that will catch anyone's eye as they enter the room. If you would like to discuss this treatment in more detail with me, please

This displayed print version is the 24" x 48" Unmatted version which is printed on Sunset Velvet Rag. Please read the mounting requirements for the various media types and styles before ordering your print. We suggest that no glass or acrylic be placed in front of this picture. It is treated with a clear coating which allows you to carefully dust and clean it as necessary.

There are two versions of this photograph, a 24" x 48" Sunset Velvet Rag Unmatted version shown above, and a 24" x 48" Canvas Gallery Wrap version.